Woodland Scenics 00/HO Track-Bed 24' Continuous Roll

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Woodland Scenics 00/HO Track-Bed 24' Continuous Roll

Brand new and unopened product from Woodland Scenics.

This foam track bed provides a sturdy and effective base for your trackwork. As well as raising your track slightly for added realism, this foam underlay also acts as sound dampening for quiet running.

It is easy to install and only requires a sharp craft knife and a little PVA glue; it's ease and effectiveness has made it a renowned and popular choice with railway modellers new and old. With 24 feet (7.31 meters) in the box, there's lots of bang for your buck.

Give your trackwork an upgrade today~

Box may have some minor wear and scuffs from the shop shelves.

2 in stock

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