Tri-ang Hornby R728 Brake 2nd Coach BLUE WITH SEATS

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Tri-ang Hornby R728 Brake 2nd Coach BLUE WITH SEATS

An preowned model but in excellent unmarked condition for it’s age, being produced around 1969 .The later version of Tri-ang Hornby’s Mk1 coach is a great offering of the British Railways icon, and provides today’s modellers with a cheaper alternative and the more seasoned modellers some great project bait.

Model is ocmpelte and undamaged, likely hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time if ever.

All paintwork and details are untact. Numbered 35024 . Fitted with plastic wheels but the flanges aren’t too large ang they turn freely.

Box is superb for it’s age but of course has suffered from very minor  corner and edge wear. The window is a little marked from previous price tags.

00 gauge, Triang / Hornby tension lock type couplings.

1 in stock

Box condition 8/10  Model condition 9/10

Uploaded 08/04/2021

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