Hornby R666 Articulated Car Carrier 'Silcock Express'

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Hornby R666 Articulated Car Carrier 'Silcock Express'

A preowned – but in very good condition – Hornby model. Quite thin on the ground, now.

This articulated car carrier (Cartic to some people), is in a bright orange and decorated with the Silcock Express branding. A full load of 16 Sunbeam Alpine cars is included, and no damage is present.

The box is in very clean condition for it's age and only has minor wear along the edges. The plastic is clear with no holes or yellowing, although one 'block of ice' is a bit creased.

Certainly something for the collectors, and a great addition to a modern image model railway.

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Box condition: 8/10 Model condition: 9/10

Uploaded: 12/2/2021

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