Hornby R4966 DRS Mk2F 2nd Open Coach No.5937

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Hornby R4966 DRS Mk2F 2nd Open Coach No.5937 

Brand new, only unboxed for the photos; now quite thin on the ground and desirable. Grab whilst they last!

Hornby’s classic Mk2 coach in the attractive DRS blue livery. Iconic if top and tailed by a pair of 37’s, these coaces are to modern spec with NEM couplings and metal wheels. Glazing is flush and tintedas per the prototype. 

Box is the standard Hornby type; card outer and folding plastic inner. Acessory packet includes dummy buckeye couplings

00 gauge

Box condition 10/10 Model condition 10/10

Uploaded 10/06/2021

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