Hornby R4377 Devon Belle Observation Car


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Hornby R4377 Devon Belle Observation Car

00 gauge

Preowned, in very good condition and quite rare too. An unusual but iconic vehicle, ideal for your big name expresses and perhaps representations of the Flying Scotsman US tour.

Model isn’t complete nor undamaged: the buffers don’t spring right and the battery box has come detached (this is supplied in the box and easily fixed with a spot of your favourite adhesive). Otherwise in good shape, with all metal wheels, NEM couplings and interior lighting.

Box is in a similar condition to the model and is quite tatty on the corners and edges with plenty of fraying and wear. All there however with accessory pack to boot.

Model condition 8/10 Box condition 8/10

Uploaded 28/04/2022

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Dimensions 32 × 9 × 6 cm


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