Hornby R3180 Industrial Sentinel 4w Diesel Shunter

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Hornby R3180 Industrial Sentinel 4w Diesel Mechanical Shunter in weathered blue “Tarmac”livery . These are a very common sight at Industrial plants of all kinds in the UK and many are still in use today. They are a very useful machine powered by a Rolls-Royce powerplant and chain drive to all 4 wheels.. This Tarmac industries example is a very highly detailed model with a superb paint job and run very well,the weathering is only very slight along the lower frames. fitted with NEM pocket couplings and it is DCC ready.This model is brand new unused, first time out of the box to photograph.

Model condition 10/10 Box 9/10

1 in stock


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Class (Diesel & Electric)