Dapol B800 BR Blue Track Cleaning Car

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Dapol B800 BR Blue Track Cleaning Car

00 gauge

Rare variant.

Preowned, appears although it might be unused judging by the wheels. The ever so effective electric track cleaner has always been a popular offering from Dapol; offering an effective rotating cleaning pad with both abrasive and nonabrasive options.

The model worked when tested on analogue and is rather handy in the fact it can be turned on and off via the button on the roof. DCC ready with 8 pin socket and NEM couplings fitted. All metal wheels of course, these provide pickup to the equipment on board.

Box is a bit tatty unforetunately but looks like it’s all there, with instructions and lots of spare pads.

Model condition 9/10 Box condition 8/10

Uploaded 04/05/2022

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Dimensions 16 × 9 × 6 cm


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