Wrenn Railways W.5086 6-Wheeled Wagon 'Co-Op Milk' P4

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Wrenn Railways W.5086 6-Wheeled Wagon ‘Co-Op Milk’

00 gauge

Preowned, in fantastic condition : appears unused. A vintage wagon from the wonderful Wrenn range, with diecast chassis and free running wheels. Very rare it seems.

Comes in a Period 4 Box cira 1987-1992     650 produced during those dates.

This model is mint and with shiny wheels. Only a bit of dust in the corners. Couplings aren’t NEM but do use the three point mounting so can be replaced with something else if need be.

Box is in good condition too but has suffered some crushing on one end and the window has a hole in it , very easy to replace.

The plastic insert is split but we can’t tell if it’s supposed to be like this or not.

Box condition 7/10 Model condition 9/10

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Dimensions 16 × 9 × 6 cm


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