WEATHERED Hornby ex-R1076 Class 390 012 Pendolino 'Virgin Star'

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WEATHERED Hornby ex-R1076 Class 390 012  4 car Pendolino ‘Virgin Star’

Ex-Train set model

00 gauge

Preowned, in very good conditon.  Hesitant runner, is  DCC fitted with the early 7 pin chips prone to issues, and poor running ,we will endevour to replace the board and chips so its 8 pin and in full working order..

With Bi- directional lighting.

A weathered example, done to a very good standard using an airbrush . A very subtle job.

West coast mainline icon; must for every modern image fan.  Four car unit with working tilting action.

Appears complete and undamaged, with exception to some windows that are slightly pushed in. All couplings intact; they’re not standard, so be careful with them. Pantograph retractable. Theres a lovely windscreen wiper effect been done with the weathering; no scratches or marks to be seen.

No box is supplied with exception to the polystyrene which is quite grubby. No instructions or accessory pack.

Model condition 8/10      No Box Styrene only   condition 6/10

Uploaded 04/08/2022

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 9 × 6 cm


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