Tri-ang / Hornby R753 AL1 E3001 Electric Bo-Bo

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Tri-ang / Hornby R753 AL1 E3001 Electric Bo-Bo  Later Class 81 with Twin Pantographs Early Version C1962

This is a lovely little model in its original Box and has been well looked after by its previous owner

The model is a super smooth runner nad has seen some use , Thats quite normal as its 60 yrs old!

The Model is the rarer  twin Pantograph variant and are very sought after in this condition

Overall the model is excelent for its age . the Paintwork is very clean and has only one item  worth pointing out,  On both cab roofs there is a small mark in the white paintwork which looks glue related, could be from the yellow foam it was wrapped in  , i dont want to try anything on it incase i remove the paint, a little gentle detergent or glue softener could well sort that out.

All the lining around the cubicle vents are intact as are the E3001 Numbers on the cabsides   and very unusually the crests in the middle on either side a common area of wear as thats where they get picked up!

One thing i do need to point out which does not detract from the model , is it has had a cab floor and interior fitted at either end with a crew added, normally not on this model, its done well and looks great 

Most important the original twin Pantographs are clean and undamaged , its a beauty

Model Condition 8/10   Original  Box  7/10 some age related creases  minor   No Instructions 

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