Tri-ang / Hornby R553 Caledonian Railway Tender Only

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Tri-ang / Hornby R553 Caledonian Railway Tender Only  OO Gauge   Spares or Repair

A rare fine from our workshop , no idea where the loco has gone 

This is in great condition form its age  madfe about 1962 

The Cally Blue Paintwork is lovely and bright, the transfers on both sides are complete but there is some very minor blemished to the varnishing on both sides

Its hardly noticable unless you are looking for it.

The only are of damage sadly is on the right hand corner there is a smallpiece of plastic missing about 6mm in lenght

Overall its stillin great condition for its age  , fitted with plastic wheels , buffers/ coupliong all intact

Model Condition  7/10   Unboxed   

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