Roco 43294 DB 052-440-5 Locomotive

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Roco 43294 DB 052-440-5 Locomotive

Preowned, in excellent condition. This beastly 2-10-0 freight loco of Deutsche Bahn is a lovely piece of kit and ran well when tested.

There are many seperately fitted parts on this model, there are some small ones loose within the box. Articulated chassis, blackened wheels, NEM couplings. Unsure if DCC ready, but we are assuming it is.

Box is in good condition, with only a few corner and edge marks. Detail packs are enclosed as well some slips of paperwork. Solid and the colours are vivid, although the loco is tightly secured – take care on opening!

HO gauge

1 in stock

Box condition 8/10 Model condition 8/10

Uploaded 15/07/2021

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