Hornby Railways R2288A Ex BR Class 56115 in EWS livery ,detailed and re-paint

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Hornby Railways R2288A  Ex BR  Type 5  Class 56115 in EWS livery detailed and re-paint named “Bassetlaw”

A pre owned model in OO Gauge  4mm  superb condition

Model appears to be test run only with gleaming  red and gold paintwork

This is classed as a code 3 model as it has been repainted into EWS to avery high standard with crisp transfers and correctly positioned nameplate  in a very unusual area, correct  from photos we have seen on Flickr

Having had a closer look the paint job is so good I am wondering if its actually a Hornby 56 body that’s been renumbered , either way its a stunner.

The model runs very well and has just been oiled so it’s lovely and smooth, both bufferbeam areas have been detailed with air pipes and mw pipesand chain link couplings, look superb , only problem is to accommodate all that detail both tension locks couplings have been removed , which will need a skilled hand to replace or new bogie frames are required

Also has roof areials and red buffer beam just like it was the day it was named

This is the ex Mainline chassis with 5 pole motor made around 1998 also fitted with flush glazing.

It’s a great runner and has direction lighting fitted all working OK

Not DCC ready

Comes in none standard stock Box,    no instructions present

Model condition 9/10                 stock box

1 in Stock                     uploaded 27/4/2022


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