Mainline Railways 37118 50' Parcels Van BG LMS Maroon

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Mainline Railways 37118 50' Parcels Van BG LMS Maroon 

Preowned model from Mainline. Ideal for the modeller of West Coast steam, behind the likes of a Royal Scot, Princess or a Coronation. This is in pretty good condition for it's age and is finished lovely.

This model appears undamaged; some paint related flaws are present, such as some peeling on the roof line and cracking around doors. This was only noticable at close-up viewing, however. 

The box is decent for it's age, complete with the corridor end in box. Some sun fading is present on one end.

00 gauge, Mainline type couplings

1 in stock

Box condition 7/10 Model condition 7/10

Uploaded 18/02/2021

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