Lima L204611 Class 121 DMU 55207 Network Southeast

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Lima L204611 Class 121 DMU 55207 Network Southeast

Preowned from Lima and very lovely. The quirky class 121 DMU, known more informally as 'bubble' cars, comes in Network Southeast.

This model – numbered 55027 – is delightful for it's age and can easily stand up against modern alternatives. Model ran well when tested but could do with a quick service. A slight wobble is apparent, but this is only down to the traction tyres. Livery is prestine and surprisingly crisp for a Lima model.

Box is the standard from Lima with polystyrene internals. Quite tatty but otherwise solid.

Destination blinds are both Bletchley

No Light and NOT DCC ready     Made in Italy circa. 1996-98

00 gauge

Model condition 8/10 Box condition 8/10

Uploaded 08/04/2021

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Class (Diesel & Electric)