Lima BR Mk2 Intercity Executive Restaurant-Buffet

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Lima BR Mk2 Intercity Executive Restaurant-Buffet 

Preowned model by Lima. Their Mk2a coach in Intercity Executive livery, branded as a Restaurant-Buffet.

This model is in exceptional shape for it's age and hasn't seen much use. All paintwork is undamaged and hasn't faded. The wheels are in good shape and may not have seen much rail, altough they appear to ave oxidised slightly. A going over with a track rubber or some light sandpaper will sort this.

The box is also in very good condition but is not correct, appearing to be intended for a Mk2D. It still provides necessary protection however and is mostly undamaged, with corner scuffing on one end.

00 gauge

1 in stock

Model condition 9/10 Box condition: 8/10

Uploaded 26/11/2020

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