Hornby R4777 BR Mk1 Brake 2nd Open (BSO) W9353

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Hornby R4777 BR Mk1 Brake 2nd Open (BSO) W9353

Preowned model by Hornby. Their Mk1 coach in BR blue and grey comes rebranded as a Scotrail vehicle.

The model is in clean condition with what seems like only a little use behind it, Paintwork is without any blemishes and there is no damage. The Scotrail decal on one side has suffered some damage, however.

Box is in good condition with minor bends and creases. Detail pack with mock couplings is sealed in the box.

Metal wheels, NEM couplings, 00 gauge

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Box condition: 8/10 Model condition: 8/10

Uploaded 19/11/2020

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