Hornby R4251 The Devon Belle Pullman Coach pack

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Hornby R4251 The Devon Belle Pullman Coach pack  with roof boards Waterloo – Ilfracoombe

OO Gauge  4mm

Brand New unused ex Shop stock produced for 1 year only in 2006 to accompany the Train pack

This addition Pullman coach pack is the Super detail coaches with working table lamps and matchboard sides. running with off white or cream roof.

Absolutely stunning detail and not suprprising these fetch decent money.

Fitted with metal disc wheels and NEM pocket Couplings all as standard

Only removed from the box to photograph for the first time, new unused and mint condition.

The  coaches in the pack are

1st Class Parlour / dining car Minerva

1st Class Kitchen car Fingall

3rd Class Pullman Brake car No 65

A rare and hard to find item now.

Condition  9/10  as good as you will find     Box  9/10 as good as it gets

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 7 cm


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