Hornby R3686 W4 Peckett Huntley and Palmer Train Pack (LIMITED EDITION)

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Hornby R3686 W4 Peckett Locomotive and Wagon Pack  Huntley and Palmer. (LIMITED EDITION)

Preowned but in fantastic condition looks test run only

A very rare and special opportunity to own this limited edition train pack produced in limited numbers during 2018 , Micro Sound  fitted by Olivia’s of Sheffield using a Zimo V5  DCC sound and even a firebox flicker.

This set is complete and is lovely. The sound is stunning for such a tiny locomotive and the running quality excellent; runs at a very realistic slow speed. These models are complete and undamaged. Wagons are a high end type with metal buffers, full brake rigging and NEM couplings. A crew has also been fitted to the locomotive.

Box is splendid. It’s a presentation type with a leather effect finish and gold embossed. The inside of the lid is full of history on the loco and it’s company, and the certificate is there too – this set is 0887 out of 1000. Instructions and DCC information is present.

00 Gauge.    4MM 

1 in stock, sure to be hot. Grab yourself something truly one of a kind.

Box condition 9/10 Model condition 9/10

Uploaded 16/02/2021

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