Hornby R3332 Late BR 'King Edward VIII' No.6029 TTS SOUND FITTED

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Hornby R3332 Late BR 'King Edward VIII' No.6029


Appears lightly used; most likely preowned but in very good condition.

A lovely GWR King class 8P from Hornby. This mighty 4-6-0 is a gorgeous piece, lovingly detailed and decorated. This example has a double chimney, named 'King Edward VIII' numbered 6029. This loco is in late crest BR green. In reality this loco was renamed from King Stephen.

DCC sound fitted with what must be a Hornby TTS chip, 6 pin. Runs smoothly and is NEM coupling equipped.

Box is in good condition with minor wear on the edges, as well as some creases and folds across the outer sleeve. The detail pack is complete, but instructions are missing. Slight tear is present on the plastic insert.

00 gauge, DCC sound fitted

1 in stock

Box condition 8/10 Model condition 9/10

Uploaded 17/12/2020

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