Hornby R2175 BR 4-6-2 Britannia Class 7MT Locomotive Firth Of Tay

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Hornby R2175 BR 4-6-2 Britannia Class 70052 7MT Locomotive Firth Of Tay. This model is used but in great condition. The model is clean and tidy with very clean and tidy paintwork. All the lining is intact. A crew have been fitted and done well. The model has been tested and runs well. It is the older tender drive model, with a 5 pole motor so its a hard wire job to be converted to DCC. There is a complete set of instructions in the box and a Limited edition certificate No 825 of 1500.

The model has no glazing which i find unusual at this time, could be missing, also noted is the rear fallplate and cab wire handrail surround is missing.

If we have one somewhere we will provide it in the sale, otherwise its a Peters Spares job i am afraid.

The box has several scuffs and creases and is slightly faded at one end. Model condition 8/10. Box condition 7/10.

1 in Stock

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Class (BR Standard Steam)