Tomix N Gauge 6421 Motorised Track Cleaning Wagon DCC FITTED

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DCC FITTED Tomix N gauge 6421 Motorised  Track Cleaning Wagon

N Gauge     2mm


Preowned model , in excellent condition.  From the Japanese market and a rare import into the UK  this has been proffessionally  hardwired to digital by ourselves. using Digihats and wired harness fitted with Zimo mini chip .  Full  Working order  , hoover, sanders etc all worjking correctly.

Complete and undamaged, if a little grubby from work.

Supplied with various spare attachments.all of which are easily interchangeable.

Note Although classed as a motorised unit it is Not Self propelled and will need a chunky loco tro shunt it around, As its DCC fitted you will have total control over the speed of the powerful hoover and sanders as required.

An excellent item to have if you have a larger layout and will save loads of elbow grease.

All meal wheels and pickup, standard N gauge couplings. Decorated in a blue livery, easily paintable into something more recognisable.

Box is solid plastic type and is crammed full of paperwork; most of it in Kanji sadly.  Spare attachments enclosed.

Model condition 8/10 Box condition 9/10

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