Dapol D1000A OO Gauge Class 22 D6326 with V5 DCC Sound Fitted Chip

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Dapol D1000A OO Gauge North British Built Diesel Hydraulic Bo-Bo Class 22 D6326 in BR Rail Blue with full yellow panel and fitted with V5 DCC Sound Chip

This is a OO Gauge 4mm Model 

This is a pre owned Model and has hardly been used at all. It was retro fitted by Hattons in November 2019 then the owner abandoned the layout plans so is test run only.

Its fitted with the latest ESU V5 Sound chip and is very loud.  It sounds great, Not an engine noise i am familiar with ,as they were all withdrawn in the late 1960s early 70s.  its very meaty similar to a class 42 Warship Sound

I belive the sound files used are from and Irish Rail Paxman / MAN engine so should be pretty authentic .

The Model its self is in as new condition as good as you are likely to find, got to be honest then this was first released many said the blue and yellow paint finnish was too light, may be so or may be they based it on a loco that went through the washing plant plenty of time  at Laira depot which as that has that effect on paint.

Either way its a super little model , runs super smooth very well detailed and has bi directional lighting which all work fine.  Note only has 1 red and 1 white marked at either end as the Western region Locos were none standard , so its correct.

Model comes with 3 unused detail packs and running instructions and V5 sound Sheet.

Model Condition 9/10  Box  8/10 very minor lid scratches in places

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