Dapol 4D-022-018 Class 68 032 'Destroyer' Transpennine Express

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Dapol 4D-022-018 Class 68 032 ‘Destroyer’ Transpennine Express 

Brand new and sure to be popular; Dapol’s phenominal class 68 diesel electric somes back in the striking Transpennine Express livery.

This model is a brand new arrival and mint; never used, run or unboxed – only done so for photo purposes. The attention to detail and and livery application really needs to be seen to be believed. Fully outfitted with NEM couplings, lights, and a whole myriad of seperately fitted detail. Cetainly not a model for the faint hearted, but also not to be missed out on.

Box is te standard from Dapol; a sturdy cardboard top-opener wit block of ice packaging, lined with black foam. Included is all the instruction and guaruntee paraphernalia, as well as a very generous detail pack.

00 gauge, DCC ready 21 pin.

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Box condition 10/10 Model condition 10/10

Uploaded 09/04/2021

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