Warranty / Returns

Here at The Locoshed we aim to offer you total piece of mind when you buy any product from us.If you are not happy with any purchase from us we will gladly refund you without and problems within 30 days from the date of purchase as long as it is returned to us in the same untoched condition. With new items the manufacturers guarantee means we will refund or replace any item deemed not suitable for its purpose within a period of 6months as long as the product is returned to us in its original packaging with all paperwork and detailng parts. If you buy a gift and it is no nonger wanted we will gladly refund any items as long as you have proof of purchase and the items as in the same as new condition  with in a 30 day period. If you purchase an item by credit or debit card and then want a refund we have to do a refund back to your card that is the law. If you  need a refund by cash please contact us to make sure we have it on site, otherwise we will issue a cheque to you.

As for pre-owned items we offer a 60 day money back guarantee on any pre-owned item you buy but we strongly suggest once you purchase your goods you check them as soon as you get home so you will soon see if they have a problem. If you buy a model and the item is found to be faulty after that time because it was not checked we would then have to service or repair it for you .

Warranty and Returns



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