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Heljan 3303 BRCW Type 3 Class 33030 in EWS
Product code: 13425

Heljan 3330 BRCW Type 3 Class 33030 Bo- Bo  in EWS maroon and Gold livery. These very popular mixed traffic locos are very hard to find and this example is in excellent condition, it has been very gently weathered across the chassis and lower body and is unmarked. It has seen a little use and was last made during 2006 so they are rare. Model looks great in this very popular EWS livery. Model comes with detail pack and instructions. DCC ready 8 pin socket and working lights. model condition 9/10 Box has a few minor scuffs to the outer lid quite normal with these 7/10

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Heljan 40101 English Electric DP2 prototype in BR green
Product code: 13566

Heljan 40101 English Electric DP2 prototype in BR green with small yellow panel, this is a lovely model and very interesting. produced to a very high standard with a high level of detail these heljan models run very smoothly and have great haulage power.The model is fiited with full buffer beam deatil , flush glazing and sprung buffers with very nicely detailed bogies. Fitted with Bi-direction al lighting and DCC ready 21pin chip required. This is officially used but i cant see any evidence of it being used at all, clean tidy unmarked like new, comes with unused detail packs instructions and certificate Number 539 of 2000. Model condition 9/10 Box 9/10 This was a test bed loco for the Class 50 and was very successful being used on the WCML, the ECML and even the Leeds/Bradford Yorshire Pullman and Master Cutler.

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Heljan 53001 Class 53 D0280 Falcon Diesel Hydraulic Ltd edition
Product code: 13572

Heljan 53001 Class 53 Diesel Hydraulic "Falcon "D0280 in experimental  Lime green and chestnut livery without yellow panel. this is the first release model in the clean ex works finish and it really does look superb in this very unusual livery.This was an experimental loco used on the western region of BR  but even though it did survive long enough to be painted into rail blue it was deemed none standard as the hydraulics were being phased out. A really intersing model and its a long one to fit its twin maybach engines. This model although classed as used i think has never been on a track, looks completely as new  unmarked and unused. until i have tried it on a short test track and it works fine. fitted with Bi-directional lighting and it is DCC ready 8 pin chip required. comes with all paperwork and unused detailing pack with Limited edition certificate Number 088 of 800 produced during 2008. a very hard to find model these days.Model condition 10/10 Box 9/10 has a couple of tiny scuffs and scratches to the lid.

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Heljan HS4000 Kestrel Co-Co in Experimental yellow orche livery
Product code: 16055

Heljan HS4000 Kestrel Co-Co in Experimental yellow Orche livery with brown lower bodysides.. This is a fantastic model released as a Limited Edition during 2012, they do not turn up very often and are highly sought after now. This unique Locomotive is a very handsome machine and is very well detailed. it has sprung buffers, and full bufferbeam detail,NEM pocket couplings, bi-directional lighting a very smooth but powerful motor and a very crisp paint job .Used on Express passenger workings on its trials from Kings Corss to Newcastle and on Freight workings from Shirebrook depot in Nottinghamshire until it was sold to the USSR . Model has been test run only, comes with cert No 2853 of 4000 and comes with instructions and detail pack. DCC ready 8 pin chip required.The model is clean and unmarked condition 9/10 Original Box has a few minor scuffs to the outer edges 8/10

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Heljan Lion 4005 BRCW D0260 'Lion' Limited Edition
Product code: 15324

Helan 4005 BRCW D0260 'Lion' Limited Edition of 4000 Models. A very rare and striking model, which is in mint condition. Although under Pre-owned it is actually brand new shop stock and unused. This is a stunning model from heljan, which looks great in this fantastic prototype white livery. It is a very well detailed model which comes fitted with bi directional lighting, and can be easily converted to DCC with an 8 pin chip. There is no certificte in the box, however we are unsure if one was ever included. All of the details have been factory fitted, with a set of couplings in the box along with a full set of instructions. The box is also in very good condition with just a couple of minor marks from storage. Model condition 10/10. Box condition 9/10.  

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